Some ideas: Is you business creative, friendly and inclusive? Or perhaps it is conscious, ethical and positive. If you're not sure how to answer this question, consider the feelings you wish for people to experience when they come in contact with your business. If you have a mission statement, please share it here.
Include all services, physical products, digital products, subscriptions, etc. If you have a spreadsheet of products, please share it with me.
Consider their age & gender, how much do they earn, what kind of house do they live in, what they like to do on weekends, personality types, family situation, occupation etc
With your target audience in mind, which of the following visual traits would best reflect your business?
In the interest of a targeted brief, please keep your selection to around 5 words
Design wish list – please list the items you would like to receive a quote for
You can also use this space to add any items not included in the above list.
If your wishlist includes a website, what pages do you need?
Some common ones include:
For example, existing logo, brand colours, contact details to appear on design
For example: websites, businesses, products, logos etc. Think beyond your own industry and product or service. Can you name any businesses that have a company culture or visual presence that you admire?

If you would like to send files, images or have additional thoughts please email me at